Vision of the Ordinacija.net communication system is to raise common consciousness regarding health by weaving a web of information connections using contemporary communication technologies.

Still on it's development process it was certified by the international non-profitable organisation HON (Health on the net), which ratifies the credibility and reliability Ordinacija.net.

Several organisations collaborated with materials, services and financial resources for it's development and implementation.

IMS info d.o.o.

IMS info d.o.o. is a slovenian company dedicated to the development and implementation of information systems.

IMS info designed, developed and funded the Ordinacija.net project on its totality.

Softnet's main activity is the implementation of total solutions in the area of data communications in wide range. They design, implement and maintain local area networks. They also implement communication connections inside networks and interconnect several networks in a complete information infrastructure. They are also Internet service provider mainly for companies.

Softnet d.o.o. provides the Internet connection for the project Ordinacija.net.